the challenge

Creative Scotland – the clue is in their name here – did a whole lot of research about what creativity means to the people of Scotland. The good folk there wanted to share their findings in an annual report style document, publishing nothing but the facts, but there was one big issue. We were mid-covid. With the daily news reports, we were very quickly over data. The report was called ‘Our Creative Voice’ and represented a broad pool of Scots. How could we represent their thoughts in a more engaging and creative way?

the solution

We set about making the data creative, and gave Our Creative Voice an actual voice. To achieve this, we enlisted BAFTA nominated animator Will Anderson to create characters that anyone and everyone could relate to. Creativity and the arts can feel out of reach and ‘not for me’ so we used creativity and the arts to show it can be fun, joyous, accessible and for everyone. We know what you’re asking. “Is there a second series in commission?” And the answer is “yes!”. So watch this space, creative Scots.
“This is a fantastic new initiative highlighting the importance of creativity for all”Fiona Dalgetty, Twitter