the challenge

The world of Christmas TV ads is full of colour, vibrancy and quirk. It was a Christmas like no other thanks to a renewed sense of togetherness after the pandemic and a World Cup taking place. Tennent’s needed to stand apart from the rest and make a memorable, unique piece of advertising that showed a Christmas with Tennent’s is a Christmas we all love.

the solution

We stuck our Frank Capra hats on and set about creating a pastiche full of warmth and that killer Tennent’s tone of voice. We shot it all in black & white, apart from the pint, allowing the glorious golden liquid to punch out of the screen. Instead of a world without George Bailey, it’s a world without Tennent’s that we’re challenging the viewer with, but the happy ending isn’t far away as we show there’s no place like home at Christmas, and home is where the T is. Have a Very Tennent’s Christmas.
“This ad uses nostalgia perfectly, borrowing the main plot beats and visual style ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ to induce not only nostalgia, but the bittersweet feelings of the movie itself. It does this with a touch of humour but has branding at its heart.”Kantar Creative Effectiveness Awards 2023