the challenge

One of the biggest underdog stories sport has ever seen, but how could we do it justice? Photographer Jane Stockdale approached us with the story of the Kosovo Olympic Team, and we knew a film had to be made. We needed a format, we needed a platform, and we needed to find the best voices from the best people to tell this tale that had to be seen to be believed.

the solution

Trips to Kosovo, dodgy crossings into Serbia, hours of footage and scores of people wanting their voices heard from this troubled slice of the Balkans. Hours of footage, archive plundered, photography snapped, headlines made. Go Go Kosovo was our labour of love, for the lives of some incredible people to be shown to the world. It debuted at DocuFest and has featured in festivals around the globe. In this feature-length film we want you to join the athletes on their emotional rollercoaster all the way from their humble hometowns in Kosovo to the world’s greatest sporting event: The Olympic Games.
“The audience was moved and emotional because this hard journey of Olympic athletes is a metaphor for any thriving cultural and social sector in Kosovo.”DokuFest