The Challenge

With suicide rates among young men in Scotland showing little signs of slowing, we needed to find a way to reach out to a demographic that needs more help than most. With the launch of United to Prevent Suicide, it was noted that young men were less likely to sign up and seek help, so a creative solution was sought to speak to men in a language they understand, in an attempt to get people talking and crucially, save lives.

The Solution

FC United to Prevent Suicide. Scotland’s new second team, created to talk directly to people in Scotland using the language of football as its vehicle. Using ambassadors from across Scottish football, we got people talking about their experiences with suicide in order to broaden and normalise the conversation. Using specially made football kits – sold to help fund more suicide prevention activity – we recruited players from the Scotland Men’s and Women’s National Teams, and then all the way to grassroots. We facilitated open and honest conversations, helping clubs and individuals reach their communities. It harnessed the true power of football for good, and reached over 9.5m people in 18 months.
“Hugely important, candid, impactful stories which deserve to be listened to. What a difference having an open dialogue on this topic can make”Alan Temple, The Courier