The challenge

When you hear a story so remarkable it stops you in your tracks, how do you find a way to tell it to the world? Josh Quigley has gone from the depths of depression to world record breaker, and is now attempting to pedal his way to bike racing glory.

We have 30 minutes of BBC prime time television to tell the story in, so how do we do it?

the solution

With Josh’s blessing, we followed him for a 6 month period as he attempted to qualify for the World Championships in Glasgow. Talking to Josh, and those closest to him, we knew this was about way more than one big dream. This was the story of a man who decided not to give up and keep moving forward. We tracked his cycling, we told his story in his words, and we showed the world that dreams, however big or small, can be realised.
“This gem follows a story of resilience, where the words ‘never give up’ offer a profound reason to live.The Times