Basketball holds a curious position across much of Europe: being simultaneously popular to play, yet overlooked when it comes to converting this love of playing into fandom and therefore watching.

With so much competition for viewing attention, simply promoting the league won’t be enough to convert curious viewers into NBA fanatics.

Our challenge was to entertain, educate, and most importantly, recruit sports fans around Europe who are not already engaging with Basketball.


We worked with the NBA to script, direct, and produce a 10-part YouTube series that explains the rules, the rituals, the records, and the stars in one of the most entertaining sports leagues on the planet

We leaned into the 90s aesthetic and paired it with a modern take on the game, to create a fast-paced, smooth-talking series packed with vibrant graphics, swaggering beats, and cultural references.

A cinematic scrapbook, and slick encyclopedia of all things basketball.

S…is for something.