BBC Scotland wanted a weekly, topical TV show. Something fresh, something new, something unique to Scotland and the one-of-a-kind moments seen every single week in Scottish football. Former pro pundits are ten-a-penny, so how can the everyman in every stand be represented? What if there’s a team of passionate podcasters who fit that bill?


LET’S MAKE A TV SHOW (with a team of passionate podcasters who fit the bill). A View from the Terrace was born in 2019, and was the BBC’s first-ever TV show adapted from a podcast. With its unique fan-led angle and rotating cast of football supporters, it is still going as strong as ever. 5 series deep, sold out live shows and merchandise created, the universe of Scottish football now has a fan-led show screaming it on every Friday night. It means everything, it means nothing, and it’s our first ever foray into topical telly making.
“The best football show on uk television by far”Kevin McKenna, The Observer