the challenge

Ooni is a pizza oven company cooking it up worldwide, and they had a range of brand new products to show off. We had to stretch the dough of creativity (sorry) and give each and every aspect of this expansion its own space to breathe. Exciting, fast-paced growth for a business just down the road needed some slick, planned-out slices of film to get ovens, utensils and awareness into the minds of customers across the globe.

the solution

Eight slices in a pizza, eight films for the launch. We interviewed, we cooked, we listened, we flew to Barcelona, we wandered to Broxburn and we delivered striking and informative VTs for Ooni and all those who love it. From a brand new oven to how it’s all sustainable, we helped this pizza powerhourse launch into a brand new phase in its mission to get people making pizza.
“the amount and standard of work studio something pulled out the bag is really quite special.”Michael Kinlan, Ooni Creative Director