While working on our Wellpark series (‘a fictional town designed to sell you beer’) for Tennent’s Lager we wondered if there was a way to bring the series into the real world. Then we wondered if we could do this in a fun way which could help increase sales of Tennent’s Lager directly.

So we came up with the idea of creating bespoke beer-powered arcade machines. We wrote, animated and designed the games and machines - which were all based on Scottish pastimes and incorporated the Wellpark characters and style. Creating a fictional game company called Kenji Games which was from our fictional town of Wellpark. You following this?


This was the first time we had ever worked on computers games. So for Kenji Games we assembled a crack-team of artists, writers, musicians. Constantly thinking of the games we wish we had when we were little. So what games did we play for real when we were wee? What would make us laugh? We batted the games about and had the ‘easy to play, hard to master’ game design ethos hardwired into everything we did in the creative process. As we worked out this was what we liked about all our favourite 8-bit games.

This resulted in us creating games such as International Chap Door Run, Wally, Wally (Tennis Edition) and TITP Bartender.

Grant Gibson and our pals at Bright Signals built the machines and developed the games.

They were rolled out in bars all across Scotland. If you bought a Tennent’s at the bar you would get a beer token which allowed you to play the machines. This was bolstered by in-bar point-of-sale packs that took our branding and turned them into pixel beer mats, neon signs and a band-style tour t-shirt.